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Picnic Table

  • Park Wood Picnic Table
Park Wood Picnic Table

Park Wood Picnic Table

  • Product Item : JK-TC16
  • Category: Picnic Table
  • Views:4271
  • Size: 1800mm/Accept customized
  • Finish: Zinc rich primer+ outdoor powder coating for general steel +Environment friendly oil paint for the wood
  • Material : wood slats and steel
  • Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel
  • Product description:Park wood picnic table-outdoor furniture|park bench|park trash bin|Stainless steel furniture
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Material:The wood picnic table is made of wood and steel.

Surface treatment:Finishing is spraying Akzo Nobel zinc rich primer coating firstly and then spray outdoor powder coating which can prevent rust for many years and be able to undertake any weather conditions. 

Characteristic:The design of this wood picnic table is  simple and comfortable, invites you to have a seat and bring a enjoyable moment.  Easy to assemble, 

Purpose:workable to be placed in park, patio, scenic area, retirement homes, street, square, schools, universities and any other public areas.


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